TV-ASAHI.CO.JP: YOSHIKI and GACKT, with his 55 win-streak, challenge “Kakuzuke” this year again! However… An uneasy theme appears

The annual Geinoujin Kakuzuke CHECK! 2019 New Year’s Day Special will be broadcasting on Tuesday, 1 January.

This time, in addition to the team made up of GACKT, who currently holds an unprecedented personal winning streak of 55 correct answers, and YOSHIKI, who ended 2018’s New Year’s day special with all 4 questions right, big names from the entertainment industry the likes of Shimura Ken, Go Hiromi, Nakamura Masatoshi, Miyake Yuji, Daichi Mao have joined in the competition as well.

Sugisaki Hana and Mamiya Shotaro were the notable young actors this year, and together with Keyakizaka46 who are determined that they “won’t be shamed because it’s New Year’s Day!”, they took on 6 checks, putting their willpower and pride on the line.

On this program, getting an answer wrong will have the team’s rank dropping from “First Class → Normal → Second-rate → Third-rate → Look-alike” and lastly, “Not worth screen-time (they will disappear from screen).

In Check 5, Japan’s representative Bonsai artist Kobayashi Kunio, who has received the Prime Minister’s Award 4 times, had his Bonsai, “Seifu” (worth 100 million yen), put next to a candy Bonsai made out of mochi, red bean, chocolate, marshmallows and other such ingredients (worth 30,000 yen) for visual comparison.

When the theme was announced, YOSHIKI appeared unusually uneasy as he uttered “Bonsai…!?”. GACKT, who was in his team, said frankly, “For this past 1 year, I’ve actually been studying Bonsai a lot”, but when he entered the Check room and stared intensely at both works…

◆GACKT: I definitely won’t get this wrong!

And in the final check, Hamada announced that there is a special rule, where “If you get this wrong, you’ll drop by two ranks all at once, but teams who are currently ranked at Normal and above will be brought back up to First Class”.

Fervent wishes from the celebrities came out one after another with words like “(I) hope to end things in success” and “(I) would like to end New Year’s Day as a First Class”. The notable GACKT, too, was full of fight as he said, “I definitely won’t get this wrong!”.

With that, as he began to do a taste comparison between the premier brand of Japanese black beef, Kobe beef, with steak made of beef from the supermarket ( 620 yen per 100g), GACKT began sharing his profound knowledge, saying “The number one characteristic of Kobe beef is this marbling. This fat with an extremely low melting point is a unique characteristic of Kobe beef…”, as the world of GACKT gets revealed!

Will GACKT continue to extend his unprecedented personal streak of 55 correct answers? And who are the celebrities who will taste humiliation and disappear from the screen on New Year’s Day!?

※Program information: Geinoujin Kakuzuke CHECK! 2019 New Year’s Day Special
1 January 2019 (Tue), 6:00 p.m. ~ 9:00 p.m.
ABC TV / TV Asahi national network


Translation : GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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