G&LOVERS: 「THE BA・LUE HEARTS Gakuen Seishun Rock ~Tataseta Kara Niwa, Onegai Shima Ssu. PyuPPyuPyuu~ 」urgent announcement& information about the 2nd pre-sales

G&LOVERS Official news update. Read the translation

Gokigenyo 〜!
This is an urgent notice from the executive commitee~♥

And!! We’re answering the cheers of the students for this tour too!!
There will be a「Hi-touch♡Send-off Party」!!
After each performance, three of the members, Vocalist Baruto, Bassist Shin-chan, and Drummer Same-chan, will send off the students near the venue’s exit!


【Eligible members】

Eligible members for this round are those who have completed their membership registrations (payment) during the eligibility period, and those whose memberships are still valid.
※Members who choose to pay by postal transfer will have to complete payment by 15 August 2018

【THE BA・LUE HEARTS Tour Schedule】

9 October (Tue) Aichi: DIAMOND HALL
Afternoon session OPEN/14:00 START/15:00 Evening sessoin OPEN/18:00 START/19:00

15 October (Mon) Tokyo: Shinjuku BLAZE
Afternoon session OPEN/14:00 START/15:00 Evening session OPEN/18:00 START/19:00

21 October (Sun) Kyoto: Kyoto FANJ
Afternoon session OPEN/14:00 START/15:00 Evening session OPEN/18:00 START/19:00

22 October (Mon) Osaka: BIGCAT
Afternoon session OPEN/14:00 START/15:00 Evening session OPEN/18:00 START/19:00

【Seats/Ticket Prices】

Price: W/ tax 4,960 yen (Mole●) Drinks fee separate
No. of tickets: 4 per application

Aichi/Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka – All standing (According to allotted numbers)

No dress code.
※There will not be a dress code check before entering the venue.

※Children aged 6 and above will need a ticket. Pre-schoolers not allowed.
※There will not be any childcare facilities.
※There are no changing rooms.
※Membership verification will not be carried out on the day of the event. There will also not be any “Student Identification” to be collected.

【First-come, first-served Web 2nd acceptance period】
!!Acceptance is first-come first served basis so we will close the acceptance as soon as the available numbers of seats will be reached!!
Acceptance period : September 20th 2018 (Thu)15:00~September 23rd (Sun-holiday) 23:59
Payment deadline: withing 2 days including the reservation date (※ final deposit untilSeptember 24, 2018 (Mon) 23:00)

■GACKT Fan Club Application Site: Please click here. (PC/Smartphone/Flip phone compatible)

※Please note that you won’t able to apply on September 20th (Thu) before 15:00 9

【General Sales】
August 28 (Fri) from 15:00~ until the time of the opening in the day of the performance

For those who wish to watch the performance in their wheelchairs, from the day you’ve won the tickets to the day before the performance,
please contact:
【Application form for those who wish to watch in wheelchairs https://g-and-lovers.com/answers/barushinsei2018_free/new】.
As the venues are not barrier-free, staff will assist you when entering and exiting.
Please take note.

For more informations please visit:http://camuigschool.gackt.com/pages/special

【For questions and details regarding THE BA・LUE HEARTS】

【For inquiries regarding membership and login during ticket pre-sales】

【Regarding tickets and application method】
◇Lawson Ticket Information
0570-000-777 (10:00〜20:00)
※Can’t be used with certain flip phones, all PHS, IP phones, CATV phones.
※It takes some time to connect to the operator.

Source: G&LOVERS

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team
Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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