GACKT OFFICIAL BLOG: Congrats to Tonde Saitama on the announcement!!

GACKT Official Blog update. Translation below:

Time has passed in the blink of an eye since the 2 months of movie filming that was carried out earlier this year in April,
and with August coming to an end, it’s starting to feel like autumn in Japan.
And, just the other day, finally,
the announcement for the movie【Tonde Saitama】was made.
The movie will be released next year, on 22nd February!
More and more information will be posted so do look foward to it.

it might seem like a movie that ridicules Saitama quite a lot but it’s not thaaaaaat serious.
I acted wholeheartedly with sincere admiration for Saitama from the bottom of my heart.
The original story is a fantastical work by the famous Maya Mineo-sensei who also wrote Patarillo.
But what kind of fantasy is this…

When I read an article about the time when this story was written,
it appears that this story and it’s nonsensical content was written to vent off a build up of stress
from the editorial department when he was writing Patarillo,
and then he suddenly made the reckless decision to stop writing it.
No one knows the actual reason why he decided to stop halfway.
One theory was that he moved away from Saitama, where he lived at at that time…
Though what’s what that reasoning.

turning this story into a live-action happened after one or two events before the movie started filming.
It seems like the poster has become a hot topic in Japan.

As stated in the title*, it’s a story that’s outrageously whacked up so
from the bottom of our hearts, we’re definitely not dissing Saitama.

Hopeless weekly magazines and bloggers again began to say things like
「This will lead to bullying!」
and other similar taunts to incite a fracas, but thinking about it as another form of advertising and publicity for the movie, I’m grateful for it.
Well, I can only hope that Japanese can find it in themselves to enjoy this movie with nothing but great love.

all sorts of negative campaigns against me have burst out over this one money but
I chose to quietly observe this whole time without making a single comment.

The first reason for this
is that the content itself isn’t about me, GACKT,
and although they’re just using my name for the article headlines,
if you look into it, they’re all reports about Minister Noda and Spindle’s Blackstar Group.
So I decided to keep my lips sealed since I figured that the weekly magazines will happily inflate their stories even more and slander even more.
Also, if I chose to comment at such a time,
my comments would look like they’re nothing more than my personal opinion, without any support or backing from Blackstar.

Even so,
all sorts of things were written.
There were more than enough stories to fuel idle chit chat over drinks.
They made me laugh a lot.

A ton of stories were published,
but the gist of it was that I fled overseas
and that the founder has felt to Russia.

The stupid comments were annoying too but
I’ve already migrated and based myself overseas since 6 years ago.
Like, what’s the point of saying that only now?

It was then that suddenly, there was some kind of rumor that GACKT died or something.

All sorts of speculation about my relationship with Minister Noda was also included but
why would I go to Minister Noda asking for help to『put pressure on the Financial Services Agency!』?

All those articles circulating out there
are nothing more than the mere opinions and speculations of the reporters and writers who came up with them.
These articles from the weekly magazines don’t show up on
TV stations that have a social responsibility to be a compliant source of media at all.
Well, that’s of course though.

Online writers and commentators who write up baseless articles
and furthermore dramatise and spread things like that to gain followers are wicked.

Well, such things exist in the world/
Fabricating unsupported stories without gathering evidence or information and calling them “reports” then letting them run amok and earning money off this.

For me,
I’ll continue watching over the growth of Spindle and supporting the overseas strategies
along with all the holders who are expectant of the future of Spindle.

There are sceneries that can only be seen by those who
cross the stormy seas and climb mountains of heavy snow.
Prevailing and succeeding is the equivalent of being able to see those landscapes.

Recently, I’ve been thinking that the need to be rock-solid is the same as having an “unwavering heart”.

There are people who occasionally send me messages out of concern, asking if I’m alright,
but if I’m the kind of guy who gets swayed by nonsensical weekly magazines, then no one would stick by me in the first place.
Even with such fake news coming out day after day, there are still lots of fans, clients, and friends who believe in me, GACKT.

I think that that’s the best proof there is.

I would once again like to ask those who write these weekly magazines and gossip pieces, and all those involved with these things.

「Are you happy with living that kind of a life?」

I can proudly say that I am happy with my own life.
No matter what happens, I have an “unwavering heart” so I can always give a smile at any time.

Maybe I should write a book on GACKT’s mental reset techniques.
For the sake of those miserable people.

*The ‘tonde (翔んで)’ in the movie title (翔んで埼玉 / Tonde Saitama) has a similar meaning as ‘tonde (飛んだ)’ in the phrase ‘ブッ飛んだ / button da = crazy) which he used to describe the story.
Note that ‘tonde (be it 翔んで or 飛んだ)’ usually means ‘to fly’. Just not in this phrasing, nor in this context.

Source: GACKT Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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