GACKT OFFICIAL BLOG: Heading back to Japan from Europe… Followed by an unexpected tackle by Shincho…

GACKT Official Blog update. Translation below:

I arrived safely in Japan.

The time spent in Europe passed by in a flash.
This time, I ended up spending most of my time working in the room because it overlapped with SPINDLE’s listing.

Of course,
this time around I went over to Europe because I thought that work would progress more smoothly without a time difference in the way,
but in the end, I pretty much spent these 3 days working through the night.
It feels no matter where I go, this doesn’t change.

Anyway, now that we’ve simultaneously listed in 5 countries without any issues, going forward, a new battle will start anew.
Considering the poor market conditions, I’m happy to see that volumes are high, and that prices are gradually increasing, as predicted.

Seeing things like the 4th day’s trading volume exceeding the 2nd day’s and momentarily gaining a 64% growth via a huge purchase, it really makes me look forward to its future growth.

In the end, in Greece,
I spent my stay there merely gazing at the Pantheon from the veranda of my room, without stepping out even once.

Following that,
I headed to Turkey, where the atmosphere of Turkey’s streets far exceeded my expectations.
making me want to trying staying in such a wonderful city that I started making plans for it.

In any case, my heart was stolen by this exotic cityscape.
You don’t often come across such a wonderful cityscape.

The city is so lovely that it makes leaving painful.
Making a promise to myself that I’ll visit again in the near future, I headed to Bulgaria.

It was around this point in time when we listed so things were pretty hectic
but the streets of Bulgaria eased my tired heart.

A city where time passes this slowly is rare too.
Furthermore, when I took a walk through the city, there were a surprising number of beauties.
A city where this many beauties gather is also rare

This has been a hectic trip, but it was one where my tired spirit really got refreshed.
I headed home via Turkey,
but I was again impressed by the absolute splendour of Turkey’s airport facilities.

Such splendid airports are rare.
The energy of the people gathered was exceptional.

Then, I headed to Japan.

I went straight from the airport, into the studio, completed my work,
then went for dinner with K1 fighter Takeru at night.
A martial artist as pleasant as him is also rare.

Being competitive and living a disciplined life
as if it’s the natural thing to do is really difficult to pull off.
Nothing makes me happier than being able to cheer on the younger generation who are doing their best to realise their dreams.

I’m grateful for such a happy meeting.

Then, the next day,
when I went into the studio for recording, I saw a certain weekly magazine lying on the table.

「What’s this?」

I asked, and my staff said,

「Something thoughtless was published in Shincho again…」

After reading the article’s content, I found myself laughing at the absurdity of it.

Honestly, what was written in this article
is so nonsensical that it doesn’t really matter, but let me just make a comment.

First of all.
【raided by the tax investigation division…】 was written in there,
but the tax investigation division visited a number of related parties for a third-party audit, and my home was nothing more than one of those included.
There were no arrests at all.
Instead, I’m the victim of being inconvenienced.

【GACKT’s personal office…】 was mentioned, but in the first place, based on the artiste contract for me, GACKT, I only belong to production, and that is not my personal office, nor am I an owner nor shareholder.

【Came out to the concerned parties about the suspicion of hundreds and millions of units being embezzled, to the point that there was no choice but to talk to the police…】 was written but that is absolute bullshit as well.

Despite the fact that this contract of mine expired a year and a half ago , and the fact that I have since moved to another Malaysian production, isn’t it far too unreasonable, in the first place, to forcibly associate me with this event?

The settlement of this office was done to the convenience of their parent company, and it has nothing to do with me at all.
Writing an article that intentionally makes it look like the scandal is about me, GACKT, and publishing this as if it is a fact makes me doubt Shincho’s integrity.
All this despite that there is probably news should reported with higher priority…

There’s also the case regarding Nihon University Phoenix* this time around,
and I would like for adults to stop doing nonsense like running other’s lives to their own selfish conveniences and getting other people caught up in their messes.
Its as if I got tackled from behind* by Shincho in the airport the moment I return to Japan.
The absolute stupidity of the content just makes me laugh.

Youths can’t see their dreams because there are too many adults who are like this.
A country where adults don’t have the ability to inspire dreams is one without a future.
I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that there will be more adults in this country who will be able to inspire dreams and be good role models for the youths of the future.


*For more information about the Nihon University Phoenix case:

Source: GACKT Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


  1. May 25, 2018

    SPIT THAT CIGAR GACKT-SAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE RIGHT NOW YOUNG MAN!!!! XD

    So sad he couldn’t spend some time looking around those super cool cities. I really wanna go Turkey someday. Food looks delicious.

    Still confuse about how cryptocurrencies work. *sigh*

    Great hair btw, much better than the other haircut and colour (really didn’t like the very blond one from previous posts). He looks sooooo cool *o*. #modelGACKT


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