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GACKT Official Blog update. Translation below:

Continuous days of tough filming schedules continue but
to tell you the truth, right now, I’m really excited.

We’ve finally arrived at the final stage of “SPINDLE”,
the cryptocurrency world’s largest project that we’ve been focusing on for the past 9 months.

Of course,
even if we’re calling it the final stage, this isn’t the goal,
and of course, there will also be hurdles that we have to cross going forward but
first of all, we’ve now cleared a big big mountain.

The number of participants in core Telegram group for SPINDLE, that has drawn worldwide attention,
has already grown past 20,000 people and is still steadily increasing but
the fact that majority of them are non-Japanese shows that this project is operating on a global scale.
Of course,
people who can only speak Japanese are also participating in the chat group, and when you look in,
it’s very amusing to see a variety of languages fluttering around.

〈This is the SPINDLE Telegram address👇〉

〈For those who don’t know how to register for Telegram Messenger, look here👇〉


Well then,
on the upcoming 1st of May, during Golden Week,
the large-scale cryptocurrency conference 【BLOCK ONE】 , that is hosted by SPINDLE will be held.
Many famous crypto players from around the world will be attending this event, which will unfold at Makuhari next week.

I, GACKT, will be participating as well,
and thinking about how this SPINDLE project started in August 2017,
we’ve come this far in 9 months.

Although I’ve received negative comments as well,
the appearance of these people and their remarks is to be expected,
and by focusing on figuring out how we, ourselves, should progress according to schedule,
we’ve hit the first significant milestone one month ahead of schedule.

During these 9 months, it has been shown that the cryptocurrency world goes through change at a tremendous speed.
Coincheck;s problems were unexpected but
aside from that, the market movements have been mostly, as expected,
and considering the fact that it is quite consistent to SPINDLE’s project road map,
this makes me want to praise it as quite something.

The price movements in this later half of April is especially as we predicted too.
Well, it’s not that difficult to come to this prediction when you analyse the major global events together though.

In all of that, when I see people who cry out things like “It’s the end of cryptocurrency!” online,
to be honest, the feelings of regret do not come first but
this is an era when every individual needs 【information verification literacy】 ,the power to investigate information.
You have to investigate each piece of information in depth.
I believe part of it involves being able to remain unperturbed even when you browse the things that are casually written on forums.

Looking back,
around December of last year, the way that the world was heating up was headed in an excessive direction.
However, during the event in the Middle East in mid-January, that overheated feeling calmed down,
and the users who ride on trends or jumped in with the momentum left, and the market returned to calm.
I think in mid-April, the world’s market will finally form decently within the proper temperature,

This flow is an exceptionally good one for the crypt users around the world.

To get the ball rolling,
this time’s 1st May event at Makuhari Messe will be held under the wing of 【Powered by SPINDLE】.
I’m especially looking forward to lots of participants from both inside and outside the industry.

The venue can only accommodate around 3,000 people but
with this number of seats are independent of the crypto conference,
and furthermore free entry, this is of quite a considerable scale.

Including those who are interested in learning about cryptocurrencies going forward,
and of course, heavy crypto players too,
if you are able to come for this event, I do hope that you will come.
It’s not an exaggeration to say that an event of this scale is rare,
and I would really like you to take part in the event and enjoy the rich content.

The SPD crowdsale will begin, worldwide, on 29th April.
Unfortunately, those living in Japan can’t purchase it until it has been listed,
but those who join us in this event,【BLOCK ONE】
will be able to take part in the【,AirDrop】, which will specially give you SPINDLE for free
and this is also one of the big benefits of this event.

I, GACKT, myself, will also be present at this conference and will have talk time.
There will be big news to be conveyed in this event
for those who have been supporting SPINDLE, and those who are looking to get involved in cryptocurrencies in future.

I’m excited.
Life is definitely better when you have lots of things to bring you excitement and make your heart race after all.
If those naysayers do come, I wonder if they’ll eventually
understand the meaning behind my activities in this past year.

《Event details》

【Event overview】
Venue: Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall, Hall 10, Chiba

Date/Time: 1 May 2018 Doors open 18:00 ・ Event starts 19:00
(Free entry ・ Free seating)


Source: GACKT Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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