GACKT OFFICIAL BLOG: Jet lagged travel diary – The way home is always lonely-

GACKT Official blog update. Translation below:

It’s time to bid farewell to Albania.
I arrived at the airport far too early.
I went into a cafe for tea.
While looking at these words, I nodded in agreement.
That’s true.

Even though it’s a cafe in the airport, I can’t use my card.
I’m screwed.

But when I passed them Euros,
they started humming and mentally calculating on the spot.
They gave me change in their local currency, Lek.
Just how do they calculate it…

I get a different feeling depending on the person calculating it but
no matter which shop’s staff it is, they don’t look like they mind at all.

While on the way to the airport,
I kept staring outside but from start to end, I could only see the mountain range.
This country is surrounded by mountains and on one side is the sea.
The mountains surround the land as it they protected it.
Furthermore, the mountains reach as high as 2500m
which makes them visible no matter where you are.
I suppose it’s definitely cold on the mountains…

I went out and looked at the sunset.
The colours of the sun looks different.
Somewhat lonely…

I headed to the lounge inside and waited for the plane.
I was surprised when I went to the lounge.
It’s not that big but I was suprised by how nicely it was furnished.
Something like this was pretty unexpected and it made me somewhat happy.

When I arrived in front of the gate, departure has been
delayed by an additional 40 minutes.
I wondered whether I should head back to the lounge,
but I decided to sit and wait outside the gate
but for some reason, an elderly couple in front of me had a shocked expression
and kept casually glancing over.

Since they kept looking over my way with a strange expression,
I thought if I should take a photo of them instead but when faced my camera at them,
for some reason, at the same time, the two of them suddenly started facing another direction.
And they began pretending that they were never looking at me.
No no, haven’t you guys been staring at me??
Even though I have such a cute face.
And, to mean that it’s alright to face my way whenever they want,
I casually faced their way with this pose.

I boarded the plane without incident but it’s a small plane, as usual.
I arrived in Istanbul in the blink of an eye.

in this time’s trip, Istanbul is meant to only be a transit but,
honesly, I underestimated it.
The sheer size of the airport and the variety of shops is wonderful.
Since I had no time, I checked out my surroundings while simply going through but
it’s really wonderful.

And I’m heading to KL via Turkish Airlines but
when I went into the plane, I was further surprised.
Of course, the ambience is great but
what surprised me was that there was a chef in the plane.

“There’s a chef!!!
… That said, is there a need since fire can’t be used?”

I instinctively laughed but such a spirit,
shows a little of their service spirit.
I suppose something like this can be called “refined”.

when I opened up the headphones that they provided us, I was shocked that they were Denon.
Just how particular are they about things! I thought, and laughed again.

After this and that, I arrived safely in KL.
Somehow, I feel relieved…
I wonder what it is, this sense of security.
I wonder if it’s relief or calmness.

I’m going home.
Angie’s waiting.

Source: GACKT Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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