GACKT OFFICIAL BLOG: Balue Hearts in the afternoon, then Jang Keun Suk at night

GACKT Official Blog update. Translation below:

Yesterday, I was shown an exciting live.

In the end,
yesterday, I watched Balue Hearts twice in a day,
and stayed until the very end.

When I first heard that this band would be playing solo in livehouses,
I even thought “How far are they playing around like this!”
but when I actually came and saw how excited the fans got
and how much the vocalist Baruto grew throughout this tour,
there were times when I anyway felt moved when watching.

Of course, with regards to the performance on stage,
maybe its because of that stage prowess of that annoying Student Council President,
his movements can’t beat that.
The Student Council President’s unique presence is, anyway, something that draws everyone’s attention.
His actions on stage are cool too.
That is something that I have to admin.

maybe it’s because of that indescribable character of Baruto and
that unique staging, that the way it draws people
and the way the atmosphere is created is good.
It draws a line between them and other vocalists.

Of course,
I definitely can’t say that he’s good at singing.

that’s not a big problem.
I feel that if a vocalist is too well equipped,
he won’t be able to have a unique perspective.

Compared to the past,
in addition to feeling that Baruto has come together well in terms of sound,
Baruto’s vocal prowess
in other words, his ability to draw an audience has been steadily improving,
and more than anything, it’s the biggest point in this tour.

Even so, I wonder I should consider this as destroying my forecast…
I was shocked when they announced in the middle of this day’s live, ” Baru Hearts is breaking up”.
It seems like they’re breaking up today.

Oh well,
I guess they must have their reasons but…

In the first place, I don’t think he’s close to his own band members.
When I consider the lack of cohesion, there’s no doubt that they’d break up…

It’s just that
it’s a waste that they’re suddenly breaking up
when the completeness of the band is still being raised.

At the end of the live, the sight of Baruto being overcome with emotion and crying
made me feel like I was going to tear too.
Actually, the things that he normally says sound like rubbish but
I believe the words he said at the very end of that live are from his heart.

Hm, I was moved by that good feeling.
Especially when I saw him bow, that, for some reason, tugged strongly at my heart.

After the live ended,
I met Jang Keun Suk for drinks
since he just happened to visit Japan from Korea at the same timing.

Meeting him for the first time in awhile, his skin as turned even more tanned.
It doesn’t change that he’s a good man though.
Even so,
when I say he’s a good man, I’m troubled by how he’s a good no matter what he does.
And he’sgood at drinking too…
I’m screwed.

I heard that there’s a live at the Osaka-jo Hall.
Since I’m stuck with the same schedule as Camui Gakuen, I wonder if I should try to go watch the Gakuen Fest a little,
then try going to Osaka-jo Hall if I can make it…

Like this,
I had tequila with everyone again in Osaka
while talking about work.
At the end, RYO, who is a famous Charisma hostess in the night industry, appered and we started talking.

Despite that everyone is from different industries and has different struggles,
everyone is doing their very best while dealing with them.

That’s how it is.
There’s no such thing as an easy job.
Even so, you’ll glow sparkling bright as long as you keep smiling while doing your best.

Fate is interesting.
Everyone, do your best too.

I’ll work even harder too.

Source: GACKT Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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