Hello LOVERS and Happy New Year!!! Today is the first day of 2017 and we couldn’t start it without our staff blog of course! So, before joining all the party, let’s take a look to this week’s news!

This is how GACKT celebrated new years with us! By writing on twitter again and releasing a new MV!

And of course GACKT has gifted us with lots of photos and videos on his official Weibo too! Let’s take a look!

And he hasn’t forget his instagram! Look at how he celebrated the last day of 2016!

And here are some official news including all you need to know about GACKT’s new single “Original Sin” to be released on March 22nd!!

And of course, together with all the official news, we have tons of articles that we translated regarding the blomaga live and GACKT’s debut on SHOWROOM!

And before we let you go again to join all your parties, we want to give you a little reminder of what happened with GACKT in this 2016:

This is all for today! We want to wish you a wonderful 2017 and we also want to thank you all for the amazing support you’ve been given us and keep on giving us! We hope to see you and read you all soon!

HAPPY 2017!! Kisu~


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