Karanukan Director’s diary
The hardest part was the scene of the festival
Thanks to the management of the Churaumi Aqaurium, the Chirashima Foundation, we were able to carry out an incredible event,and just by considering the event alone it was a great success but, to include this scene in the movie is something unprecedented! The deep emotions for this great success was portrayed in the movie.
The -Niraikanai Umi no Himatsuri- will grow to become a large scale event in 2017. We were able to include the traditional fireworks competition, and this too will become a large scale event that will be shown to the world.
The one performing the Ootori, Marelen that sings the theme song of Karanukan -Ai ni nare-, stage production Kayatake Yukio, chairman Ijikata Kiyoshi, Yamada Minami, the event producer Hasegawa Junichi, production assistant Ohara Morio,Hanai Misato… the performers Ganeko Yoriko, Taira Kozue, Yamakawa Akira, Miyazato Kayoko, Miyagi Yoko, Jinnai Sho, Shon Kazama… I’m grateful to everyone.
In 2017/7/15, we will meet at the -Niraikanai Umi no Himatsuri and the fireworks event that will be shown to the world.
I got back to my home in Okinawa.
I wish you a Happy New Year

Source: Yasuhiro Hamano Facebook

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA

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