Hello LOVERS and Merry Chirstmas!!! We hope you are spending a wonderful holiday time with your family and loved ones! As every year, we gathered all the LOVERS’ wishes for GACKT and we published and sent him our fanzine! Check it out!

gackt xmas

Unfortunately, Nestle removed all the Game Centers from their official channel, so we won’t be able to sub them anymore, but take a look to our latest subbed videos for you!

And of course, GACKT is always super active on weibo! So let’s take a look to all this week’s translations, videos and photos!

GACKT also came back on instagram almost daily! So here are all of his updates!

And of course, the holidays didn’t stop him nor us! So let’s take a look to the very important official news release this week!! Many many new releases to look forward to in this 2017!!

And of course, together with the official news, there are also Facebook and LINE updates

This week has been pretty eventful with a lot of news, photos, videos and more! So let’s take a look to all the articles that have been released about GACKT

That’s all for today! We want to wish you again a very Merry Christmas and we hope you can spend a wonderful day with your family and loved ones and enjoy the holidays!

Merry Christmas! Kisu~


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