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GACKT: This??? It’s not my Beaujolais, is it???
Val.on.drums: MADOKA-kun, you blew it~
GACKT: I thought you might do it, you might do it but…. As expected you’re an idiot…
Takumi.guitar: You’ve been rude to big bro.
Val.on.drums: I thought the name Beaujolais referred to a band, but it isn’t??
Takumi.guitar: Who told you that!
GACKT: You won’t have any friends! Don’t say things like that!
T.kohta: At the level of a dancer that’s how he is ( ´ ▽ ` )
Takumi.guitar: Eh, Madoka is a dancer?!
Val.on.drums: No way, no way, he’s an MC right
T.kohta: Ah That’s true. ( ´ ▽ ` )
GACKT: All of you, at the very least we’re still a family, you shouldn’t speak your mind like that! In a place like this!
Takumi.guitar: Ah, that’s right!!
Val.on.drums: But that’s unforgivable!!
Takumi.guitar: I don’t mean to follow Madoka but, Madoka’s country doesn’t have 7-Eleven…
GACKT: Ah, you’ve got a point… I see…
Val.on.drums: Kinda… sorry…
Takumi.guitar: To this day, Madoka is still barefoot so. It looks like he can’t forget his motherland.
T.kohta: You made him remember some nasty stuff.
GACKT: Alright, shall we head back to the shoot
Takumi.guitar: Well, let’s go.
Val.on.drums: Let’s go~
T.kohta: Let’s go~~!

Translation: GACKT Italia Team

Translation © GACKT Italia


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