<Kishidan Expo 2016 ~Boso Rock’n Roll Champion Carnival~> was held at Chiba Prefecture’s Sodegaura Seaside Park over 2 days on 17 and 18 September. This will be the 5th summer that comes in an “impossible” form. For 2016 as well, the seasonal tradition for the end of summer is a great success. We bring to you the report for the first day.

2016, the 5th consecutive year that it is being held at Chiba Prefecture’s Sodegaura Seaside Park, saw a line up of artistes from various genres like rock, hip hop, singer-songwriter, idol, and enka. As implied through the subtitle “Boso Rock’n Roll Champion Carnival”, <Kishidan Expo 2016> makes one wonder, for the artistes we’re unfamiliar with, what kind of champions are they?

From 2016, <Kishidan Expo> starts to alternate between the use of 2 stages, YASSAI stage, which is the main stage set up in a huge field, and MOSSAI stage, which is set up near the entrance of the venue. The number of performing artistes has also been increased to a number larger than the years before. In addition, near the food area, which has been made more narrow because of the 2 stages, a huge LED monitor has been set up, giving visitors the ability to sit in a chair and take a break while watching what goes on on stage. In the venue a ferris wheel and playground equipment for children are set up, and a picnic area is provided, creating the familiar theme park atmosphere. Among the visitors, families can be found here and there. <Kishidan Expo> may very well be the only place where KISSES (Kishidan fans), dressed in school uniforms or Tokkofuku, and music fans wearing T-shirts by various artistes, can be found sharing the same space with families.

After entering the venue, loud sounds can immediately be heard.


On YASSAI stage, the first day’s most substantial and popular live act, GACKT presents Camui♂Gakuen appears. GACKT…… no, Camui♂Gakuen’s student council president, Kamui Gakuto, emerged performing Tomoyasu Hotei’s 「Thrill」. As he called out 「Are you ready to orgasm over and over!? What’s the name of the one you love!?」, high pitched cheers of 「Kaichoー!」 were returned. Saying 「Ni-ni-ni-Nishikawa kun, I love him!」 with a straight face and a pointed look inot the camera, the live started with the performance of a mashup of T.M.Revolution’s 「HOT LIMIT」, 「HIGH PRESSURETM」, and TM NETWORK’s 「Get Wild」, which is a mix of the 3 songs called 「GET de HOT de WILD na HIGH PRESSURE」, a hot favourite from 2015’s <Kishidan Expo>. He then performed 「B-B-B-B’z Ultra Medley 2nd Edition」 which is a medley of 7 songs, 「LOVE PHANTOM」, 「BLOWIN’」, 「BAD COMMUNICATION」, 「TIME」, 「ALONE」, 「ultra soul」 (only in this song did he change the ending to 「Giri Giri chop」), and 「恋心(KOI-GOKORO)」 while inserting 「ultra soul」 into the endings.


The student council president appeared to be exhilarated from the standing ovation with a satisfied expression on his face, and he then performed Gackt’s original song 「Koakuma Heaven 」 sped up, making it 「Koakuma Heaven High Speed ver」. After inviting Golden Bomber in cat ears onto stage, they performed the high speed song with dance moves and did their signature pose, shouting 「<Kishidan Expo>, yorochikubi!」. Up till here, the live drew from last year’s Camui♂Gakuen-style performance, but after this, unbelievable events unfolded.

After leaving the stage, the Student Council President came up on stage again with Super EXcellent highschool students in JAPAN (S.E.X JAPAN, for short), but his image was exactly like YOSHIKI’s. As he sat at the drumset topless, he announced 「TOSHI senpai!」 and TOSHI emerged, performing X JAPAN’s 「X」. The students, overwhelmed by the Student Council President’s transcendal two-bass drumming, crossed their arms and jumped while screaming “SEX!” instead of “X!”. X JAPAN’s famous scenes were recreated as TOSHI stood next to the Student Council President and hit the cymbals with the sticks, among others. Furthermore, TOSHI hyped them up saying 「We’re still not done yet right!?」, while the Student Council President shook his head, flashing his ultra buff body as he continued to drum with all his heart, he went off stage with a burnt out gown wrapped around his body. Compared to the pleasant world of Camui♂Gakuen that one completely yields to in the first half, the second half became a surprising stage which tickles the spirit of rock.


【GACKTpresents Camui♂Gakuen】
1. Kanari, Chotto Dake Thrill
3. B’z Ultra Medley 2nd Edition
4. Koakuma Heaven High Speed ver
5. X

Source: BARKS.JP

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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