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Hi bros n sister. How are you doing? We are in a cafe now. It has a good terrace but still cold outside… Sucks. Anyway, here is Yuki and Takumi. They are really funny. I love them. When you take the 7kg hell ball while you are relaxing, should be like this. 😁Hahahaha. おはよう。元気か? 今、お気に入りのカフェにいるがテラスはまだ寒すぎる。残念。さて、ユウキと巧の動画をアップしておこう。本当にウケる連中だ。コイツら本当にイケてる。大好きだなぁ。ヘルボールは力を抜いて受けるとこうなる。あははは。気をつけてくれ。 @GACKT @takumi.guitar @yukikimisawa #hellball #dailyworkout #gacktworkout #GACKTstagram #lastvisualive #日トレ

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1.GACKT @yuui_k02
Is TAKUMI-san okay? Lol 🔝@GACKT TAKUMI??? I dunno~

2.GACKT @ayuglovers
Kyaa~ 💦💦 Is TAKUMI-san okaay~ 😵 🔝@GACKT Um… I dunno~…

3.GACKT t@pina0423
Around how many kilos should women do this with? Isn’t receiving it when relaxed dangerous?… If TAKUMI-san dies the LVL will~~~~~~~~~~~ (cries) 🔝@GACKT At my side, the lady who does this best can deal with 7kg, that kid.

4.GACKT @saku.hyde
TAKUMI-kun!!! 😂😂😂 🔝@GACKT … who??

5.GACKT @glovexoxo
TAKUMI-san will die!! 🔝@GACKT Eh?? I dunnoー …

6.GACKT @chiko1213
Is TAKUMI-san alive?? ∑(๑º口º๑)!! 🔝@GACKT Eh?? Was he around last night?? I don’t remember~

7.GACKT @jin_olive
Super painful… Could it be that TAKUMI-san, got hit between the legs? The magnum would become something he can’t use… 🔝@GACKT In the first place, that guy, doesn’t really have anything that can be used.

8.GACKT @hiromin74
Please give us a YOU-kun or big sis Chacha version. 🔝@GACKT No, I’m nice to the elderly. Surprisingly.

9.GACKT @youko.meloa
If I dropped a dumbbell (15kg) only my stomach myself, it wouldn’t be very effective would it?? 🔝@GACKT Normally, that is is what we call suicide. Please stop it.

10.GACKT @aimi.c_
Have YOU-kun and Chacha-san broken their abs too? 🔝@GACKT The other day, when the two of them were changing diapers, they broke their butts…

11.GACKT @anjwelry
In GACKT-san’s style, what’s the secret to maintaining motivation best? 🔝@GACKT Well, I’ll ask you a question instead. Will someone who isn’t living life seriously today, live life seriously tomorrow? “Today” refers to this moment in time. Don’t you think that, a person who has a wonderful way of life in this moment has the possibility of visiting a wonderful future?

12.GACKT @g_lovers7
Did you go to the cafe with TAKUMI-kun? 🔝@GACKT Is there such a person???? Ah~!! He’s a Malice Mizer member!

13.GACKT @_muz1kl0vr1908_
@gackt GACKT-san, why didn’t you reply in English anymore?? I mean how about your international ‘LOVERS’? Did you read our comments??? Oh well….🙄😬 🔝@GACKTOf course I do. Don’t complain it. I read everything you write. Send me your love instead of complains. Ok?

14.GACKT @mayu_lovers
Please do upload Sato-kun’s too ♪ 🔝@GACKT Yesterday Sato died. What a pity…

15.GACKT @nmrhaaaaa
Is that a cafe in Tokyo? Or a cafe in Sendai? 🔝@GACKT Its a cafe in Sendai called atelier. This place is nice.

16.GACKT @chiro.chan.forever
How much longer does Hokuro-san have to live? 🔝@GACKT Hokuro-san??? Ofukuro-san?? Mori Shinichi – san??

17.GACKT @mioooshimizu
What do you often drink in a cafe?? 🔝@GACKT I drink breast milk.

18.GACKT @kira_ktbspa
Big bro… 😊👍 Good morining… cold outside…hmm oh yes in Moscow same thing now. But any way Takumi-san and Yuki-san good job!!😁 And thank you big bro for good start of the day😊 take care,hugs&kisses❤love you🎼🎶 🔝@GACKT it’s cold here too. I want to move to a hot place

19.GACKT @yumimineno
Are you drunk? ww 🔝@GACKT Yes.Quite a lot already, continuing my daily training well, I’ve been terribly hungover for 2 days continuously.

Well, see ya.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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